First Painted Cryx Models

I have recently started playing Warmachine by Privateer Press.  I was introduced to the game by The D6 Generation. If you haven’t listened to their podcast, I suggest you check it out. I chose the Cryx because those models are my favorite. Many of the ‘jack models of the other factions are just a little funky.

I’ve started with the battle box and Denegra and built up to 500 points. I’m going to play a few games to see what needs to be added or changed. I’ve completed my first three bonejacks, one each of the Defiler, Nightwrench and Deathripper.





The models are nice because they’re a slightly larger scale than I’m used to(30mm as opposed to the 28 of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k and the 25mm of Lord of the Rings) and the ‘jacks are even larger than the human sized models. The combination of the bone and hard metals makes the Cryx models very interesting to paint.

I’ll post more as I complete more of the army and perhaps a step by step of how I did them.

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