Axe rust, patination

I’ve started building and painting up the battle box for the Trollbloods for Privateer Press’s Hordes. They’re great, large fantasy models. I didn’t want the weapons to look too new and shiny so I’ve been working on painting rust and patination on the metals.

Trollblood Axer’s Axe(click for a larger picture):
Axe rust, patination

For the rust I’ve painted the whole area with a dark brown. I then add some bright orange to that brown and stippled the color over the area, leaving a small area brown. I added more orange and stippled more lightly about 3 or 4 times. I then stippled the highlighted area with dark brass color, followed by a dark metal.

For the brass area, I painted the whole area in a dark green. I then mixed in some white and a little blue. When I just added white, the color was a little off, the blue gave it that Statue of Libertyesque hue. I stippled a couple more layers adding more white. I then stippled and drybrushed a dark brass followed by a bronze. By drybrushing a little less carefully that I normally would, it leaves some nice random patches of the green.

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